I have as little as three seconds to attract my viewer’s attention and up to eight seconds to keep their attention. This always interests me when designing work, captivating, provoking thought and controlling how the viewer interacts with piece is some of the challenges I pursue.

I enjoy being able to forge steel, manipulating it to change its form and creating complex shape that is unalike its original section. This gives the mysteriousness of the craft that I enjoy.
My passion for blacksmithing started after leaving school. Pursuing my career through formal training at Hereford Tec College and then Hereford College of Arts gave me a solid foundation on which I grew my business. Working in the restoration and conservation sector gave interesting challenges and fascinating locations to work in, having completed a wide range of commissions ranging from public art, private commission and corporate contracts.

I am now 21 years into my blacksmith career and a committee member of the National Heritage Ironwork Group, Royal Three Counties Agricultural Show, The Royal Welsh Agricultural Show and an Associate of the Worshipful Company of Blacksmiths (AWCB) I have now been teaching at the National School of Blacksmithing for five years, two of which being lead technical blacksmith lecturer on the Artist Blacksmithing BA programme at Hereford College of Arts.