At HCA you can find your place in an inspiring art school community; while our expert staff, studios and workshops support your individual journey.

HCA’s scale lends itself to natural collaborations and distinctive creative groups. It is the ideal setting for you to discover alternative ways of looking at things – surprising yourself and each other. Many of the staff at HCA are also active professional creatives in their field, meaning they can offer you guidance as mentors, specialists and peers.

Each of the course profiles include examples of our many employer and industry links. That’s because our courses are the start of your professional career.

People come to art college for many different reasons, from different backgrounds at different stages of life. We welcome and cherish diversity. You may be looking to start your career or returning to education to explore a passion long suppressed. If your practice leads you down a new and inventive route; you are free to experiment using HCA’s great range of facilities and we’ll support you to change pathway if you want.

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The range of equipment and the knowledge of the staff is amazing, and I have not once felt that the smaller size of the college has held me back, if anything it has allowed me to excel. Martha Stark - Textile Design

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HCA was definitely the best option for me - helpful staff, great facilities and a really excellent community Amy Phipps - Illustration & Animation

Artist Notebooks

I was a mature student so I had to hold a full time job whilst undertaking the course. At the time I wasn’t sure I would manage, but as well as being local and convenient, HCA helped me to achieve this balance. HCA provides a film making course which is fairly unique, hands on and not entirely theory based, which is what I wanted. Jonathan Zaurin - BA (Hons) Film Making Graduate

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