Maths & English

From writing a blog about your work to working out design solutions, or understanding the difference between net and gross or profit and loss – we believe that English and maths matter in the arts.  So, our college-level curriculum integrates numeracy and literacy skills into project work and helps students understand their important role in successful outcomes.

English and maths are an integral part of all our courses, and you will continue to develop and practise these skills throughout your study programme. Continuing to strengthen your English and maths will give you an edge and the confidence to progress further.

If you didn’t achieve GCSE grade 4 (or above) in these subjects at school you will benefit from dedicated, discrete sessions in English and/or maths alongside your chosen vocational study.  You will work towards qualifications in either GCSE or Functional Skills, depending on your prior GCSE results and which qualification is the most appropriate.

GCSE Maths

You will take this qualification if you previously achieved GCSE maths at grade 3 or Functional Skills at level 2.  Maths at HCA will encourage you to develop confidence and a positive attitude towards the subject and to recognise the significance of mathematics in your own life, in our society and in the wider world.  You will be supported to develop understanding of methods and concepts to solve problems in the areas of number, ratio, algebra, geometry, probability and statistics.

GCSE English

If you previously achieved GCSE grade 3 or Functional Skills at level 2 in English, you will work towards GCSE English Language.  The qualification is designed to inspire and motivate you whilst enabling you to develop the skills you need to read, understand and analyse a wide range of texts covering the 19th, 20th and 21st centuries. There will also be a focus on developing your writing skills.  You will be encouraged to use clear and coherent sentence structures and demonstrate a broad vocabulary.

English & Maths

Functional Skills

If you have not yet achieved GCSE grade 3 or above, as part of your study programme at HCA you will study Functional Skills, starting at an appropriate level.   Functional Skills are qualifications in maths and English that will equip you with the practical skills needed to be confident and independent in your education, work, and everyday life. English Functional Skills include: speaking, listening and communication, reading and writing. Maths Functional Skills include: money, time, recording data, measurements and problem-solving.