Enterprise at HCA is all about how we apply our unique intelligence – as artists, designers, makers and performers –  to make a difference to society and design our creative futures, be these as creative freelancers, business owners or applying our in-demand creative skills in a different sector.

Creative professionals possess ‘high demand’ skills such as collaboration and originality, the ability to engage with active learning and apply their own judgment to situations. Our graduates have the potential to address big societal challenges in a constantly changing external context.

Enterprise at HCA is active and applied. Enterprise skills are embedded in the modular curriculum so that students gain the skills needed to thrive in their creative futures, be that as an individual maker, consultant or freelance musician.

To complement this, HCA runs an online Enterprise programme which offers students the opportunity to gain or reinforce key skills, for example in setting up as a freelancer or applying for funding.

Additionally, we run a ’Graduate Launchpad’ programme that aims to support graduates in the crucial 18 months post-graduation.

You can find out more on our Creative Futures and Talent Hub pages.