Enterprise at HCA is all about how we apply our unique intelligence – as artists, designers, makers and performers –  to make a difference to society and design our creative futures.

Creative professionals possess ‘high demand’ skills such as collaboration and originality, the ability to engage with active learning and apply their own judgment to situations. Our graduates have the potential to address big societal challenges and change worlds.

Enterprise at HCA is active and applied. Enterprise skills are embedded in the modular curriculum so that students gain the skills needed to set up their own enterprise, be that as an individual maker, creative consultant or freelance musician.  Alongside this, we are also developing an Enterprise programme that will further support and enhance these skills.

HCA’s enterprise programme links scholarship and enterprise, and will offer students and recent graduates the opportunity to develop their ability to think of new and effective solutions to real-life problems and to use storytelling and dialogue to explore, reflect and anticipate our creative futures.

In 2018-19 we are also co-designing and piloting our ‘Graduate Launchpad’ programme due to launch 2019-20. To contribute to the pilot of our Graduate Launchpad or find out more about this work-in-progress have a look on our temporary website or email s.crowson@hca.ac.uk.