HCA is a specialist college for the arts - we focus entirely on what creative students need.

Here, you can find your place in an inspiring art school community; while our expert staff, studios and workshops support your individual journey.

HCA’s intimate scale lends itself to natural collaborations and distinctive creative groups. It is the ideal setting for you to discover alternative ways of looking at things – surprising yourself and each other. Students also experience an excellent amount of contact time with tutors in a forum which is small enough for your voice to be heard.

All students benefit from inductions to relevant workshops and studios. If your practice leads you down a new and inventive route; you are free to experiment using HCA’s great range of facilitates. So, if you’re an animator who discovers you’d like to experiment with embroidery – you can! Many of the staff at HCA are also active practitioners in their own right, meaning they can offer you guidance as mentors, specialists and peers.

Whether you want to pursue art, media, design, popular music or performing arts, we have your future in mind.


Two heads (or more) are better than one! At HCA you will find plenty of chances to collaborate with one or multiple people and organisations. We offer opportunities to work with numerous external partners as well as students on other courses. For example, one of our students has collaborated with an innovative, open-source project and hand-built a bespoke recycled plastics extruder, from scratch. In this and many other projects, the onward possibilities are limitless.  Our students apply their knowledge, their diverse perspectives and complementary skills from different disciplines to help and inspire HCA peers across our arts college.


Curiosity opens many doors. It could be a book that changes your life or an experience you’ll never forget. Feed your inquisitive nature by exploring HCA’s specialist arts Library, discovering new ways of thinking about the familiar in Critical Studies, and joining us on our trips to inspiring events and places.  Or simply stop-by a different workshops and see what’s being created that day.


Be bold: take creative risks. HCA students are encouraged to forge their own path, making work which ranges from taboo-busting to satire. We help you figure out what it is you want to say and nurture your confidence to say it.


We will set you up with the tools you need to explore and innovate; like one of our students who combined knitting with unconventional 3D materials to realise her fun and inventive kinetic knit project. At HCA, you can experiment across our many workshops in: ceramics, textiles, small metals, print making, photography and 3D; our Mac and PC IT suites; our fully-rigged black box style performing arts theatre and music studios.


We believe in the power of your creative voice. Our commitment to individuality can be seen everywhere from our students’ workspaces, to the variety of our summer show.

At HCA you will find everything you need to empower your creativity.

Somewhere your individuality can flourish

From our stunning location in the historic city of Hereford, in the picturesque county of Herefordshire, HCA delivers the full range of arts education. We offer specialist creative programmes on many levels: from short courses through to Further Education, Undergraduate and Postgraduate study.

At HCA you will quickly get to know the other students starting your course with you. You will be taught by passionate staff, who take the time to get to know you, understand your talents and are personally invested in your success.

HCA provides a unique, collaborative atmosphere where you can express and develop your ideas. Staff and students enjoy a dynamic conversation, where inspiration flows both ways.

Space to grow

Our size and focus make joining HCA a very different experience to joining vast non-specialist universities. At HCA, the whole environment is lead by creativity. Here, talent is always recognised and potential is never lost in the crowd. We champion our students as individuals  – celebrating each person’s successes.

Our scale also means that we are naturally outward-facing. We welcome high profile speakers to run masterclasses and give inspiring lectures. As a student, you will benefit from opportunities to take on live live briefs from real clients, work on exciting projects with external partners, and share your work with a wider audience.

Here, at our college built at a very human scale, you can carve out your place at the heart of something much bigger.

A Community with Character

Our historic city, set in the midst of an exceptional landscape, is friendly and relaxed with a great sense of community and plenty of great events and activities to get involved with. Here you can find inspiration, develop your talents, forge friendships and create without boundaries.

Make a connection

Students choose to join us at HCA for many different reasons, but an overwhelming theme is a sense the sense of how HCA ‘fits’ the people who come here. HCA is a place where you can truly be yourself. Rather than trying to make you conform to a house style, inspiring staff will encourage you to be bold and inventive on your route to discovering your individual creative voice.  We don’t expect you to fit the mould – go ahead and break it!

With a sense of community, both on campus and out in the city, you’ll be encouraged to engage with wider social issues and think about the potential impact of the things you make. We empower you to make the work you are passionate about and develop a deep integrity in your own practice.

Creative Freedom

At HCA, your creative development is our priority. Our scale allows us to reject rigid boundaries between disciplines. We are proud of our open workshop policy, where inductions to our amazing and varied facilities are offered across disciplines.

Our workshops are exciting places full of innovation and cross-pollination between courses. You’re likely to find graphic designers working companionably alongside jewellery students, or fine artists in healthy debate with artist blacksmiths.

Option Module

We encourage and support you to explore your creativity beyond boundaries. Many of our art and design degrees include an option for you to take an complementary module outside of the core programme. This can be a great opportunity to broaden your perspective or develop a specialist interest.