We all have mental health, and it can change from day-to-day. When you’re not feeling great it can feel harder to take action to benefit your wellbeing.

We have provided some useful mental health resources that are available to you below. Keep in mind that if you are in need of some extra wellbeing support, please let us know via the wellbeing button on StudentNet and we will be in touch to assist you.

Every Mind Matters is a useful website with lots of wellbeing and mental health advice as well as detailed emergency support.

Shout is online support from support workers and counsellors for all ages.

In Hereford, Safe Haven is a space for anyone over the age of 18 who feels that they are reaching crisis point. It is open: Sunday, Monday and Tuesday evening details can be found in the link.

Kooth are providers of online support for young adults up to the age of 19, again you can chat to qualified counsellors and support workers.

BBC – Headroom has put together some useful tips of how to stay healthy and positive during lockdown which can be found in the link. They have also put together ‘Your mental health toolkit‘ full of everyday tips from sounds to relax your mind, strategies to cope with parenting right now or films to get you talking.

If you need urgent support for physical or mental health issues you should contact NHS 111 who will direct you to the correct service.

Personal safety is also important at this time. If you are drinking alcohol make sure you have worked out how you will get back home, can you buddy up with a friend to check both of you are home? Also think about issues such as the spiking of drinks, never lose sight of your drink. If you need to go to the loo ask someone to hold your drink.

All areas across the country have a problem with County Lines (drugs). Often the substances that are sold are cut (mixed) with other things that can cause serious reactions or worse. Again, please watch each other’s backs and call 111 if you are at all worried about someone.

Your wellbeing is important to us.

At HCA, we aim to support our students however we can. We have developed our own tutorial provision specifically to help you: build resilience, cope with the pressures of life while studying and prepare you for the world of work.

We understand that college life can be challenging, and that personal issues may sometimes get in the way of your studies.  So, if things ever get difficult, you can access our wellbeing services. We have a team of staff to support you, from your personal tutor, to our wellbeing development officer and college councillor.

The  independent counsellor, based on site at the College Road campus, is available to all students and provides advice and guidance for both FE and HE students.  The counsellor will discuss any issue large or small, and can also advise, signpost, and support areas such as mental health and relationships. They are able to refer students to outside agencies where necessary and support individuals in a safe and confidential environment.

We also have a large wellbeing space where we hold regular workshops and seminars to promote all our students’ health and wellbeing and give them skills and proactive strategies to keep well and happy.

Contact us at wellbeing@hca.ac.uk