Angelina has been privileged to educate students within FE & HE as a lecturer at HCA for the past 18 years, teaching Contemporary Design Crafts and Fine Art across levels 2-6. During this time, they have established a creative arts practice (Angelina focused on design and innovation, creating sculptural contemporary craft/wearable art pieces. Angelina was selected as one of 26 participants in the fully funded Crafts Council HotHouse creative business program in 2019. Exhibiting and selling across the UK, central Europe, and Asia, to galleries and for private commission.

Currently, Angelina is developing a new body of work while studying for their MA FA at Cheltenham University. The core of their artistic enquiry and practice is exploring a multi-sensory approach to communicate complex data and personal experiences as a synesthete to an audience, through the mediums of drawing, audio/visual, sculpture/craft and digital platforms. Blending modern technologies and traditional techniques to evoke a single moment, and how artworks can explore the senses to communicate the fragility of memory, experience, perception, and time.