We are really proud of the quality of teaching and access to facilities and studio space that our students get at HCA. It’s fantastic to see that they feel the same way – with HCA scoring among the top institutions in the UK in the annual, independent National Student Survey.

The NSS (National Student Survey) gathers students’ opinions on the quality of their courses and provides data to universities and colleges to improve the student experience. The survey covers a range of topics from quality of teaching to learning resource accessibility. Students were invited to provide feedback based on their experience at Hereford College of Arts.

Topics such as how good teaching staff were at explaining things were highly commended, demonstrating that our students appreciate the amount of contact with skilled, knowledgeable staff with time to help them develop skills, behaviours and knowledge.

“It’s great to know that our students are delighted with the learning that they’re receiving at Hereford College of Arts and being ranked at the top end, nationally, is very exciting for the college.”
David Hawkins -Vice Principal, Student Experience and Business Development

Having access to a variety of facilities and workshops where students can explore and develop their skills is invaluable to us as a creative arts institution. So, exceeding the benchmark average truly reflects the diverse learning opportunities students have available here- whether they are designing content with media resources or creating art using traditional mediums.

It is vital that our students feel comfortable to be who they are, and to express that in a safe, respectful environment. We also feel that it is important that they can be challenged in their practice in order to achieve their best work and the results of the NSS clearly reflect this.

So, as we step into another academic year, we want to thank students for their feedback and support as it helps us to continue to be one of the top-rated art institutions in the country.

The full results from the National Student Survey can be viewed here: