Mairead joined HCA in 2019 and works in the IT department as a Technical Demonstrator. Mairead’s area of focus is Digital, New and Interactive Media.

Mairead was a previous BA (Hons) and MA Fine Art student here at HCA, graduating in 2018 and worked as a freelance commissioned artist since the end of her studies.

Her concepts and ideas are driven by media constructs, leading to the utilisation of media devices as a means of critiquing the current digital and technological culture which is growing continuously.

Mairead is a current member of the Invisible Arts Network, a collective of inspiring artists, arts organisations and technologists exploring how we can make and see more great Digital Art in and around Herefordshire.

Mairead is additionally a member of the Young Creatives Board in Hereford city, a commissioning board which aims to represent and support young artists hoping to make a living from creative practices in Hereford.

Her hobbies also include an interest in music, having played guitar for over 15 years; as well as a love for circus arts and performance.

Follow the links below to take a look at some of Mairead’s work:

Women at Work
Land Army
As Above, So Below