Jess is born and bred in Herefordshire and has recently graduated from Loughborough University with a First Class Honours in Textiles: Innovation and Design, specialising in printed textiles. Interning at 6 contrasting textile companies all over the country and Australia enabled her to put her skills into practice and broadened her knowledge within the textile industry. Her degree show collection ‘Farming at Bliss Hall’ delved into the pattern, colour and textures within the local landscape of Herefordshire and looked closely into her family history of farming in the area.

View her digital portfolio here.

Outside of work, Jess is teaching herself how to spin the wool she rolled for her uncle during the shearing season last year. She believes that considering sustainability in textile practices can trigger creativity and lead to more interesting outcomes. Jess is keen to pass her skills and knowledge on through exciting workshops and encourage students to push boundaries to create innovative work!