Joel has been a Digital Skills Demonstrator since joining HCA in 2016, supporting moving image, digital audio and screen based media.

After graduating from The University of Salford, Joel began his professional career at AIR Studios in London, working as an assistant studio engineer with the likes of George Martin, The Propellerheads, and one of the biggest rock bands in Portugal! The Delfins.

Joel returned to Hereford to take up the post of Media and IT Manager at The Rural Media Company, creating content for, amongst others, the BBC and Channel 4. With 15 years film production and post-production experience, it was the right time to move on, setting up his own post-production and IT support company which then led to a full time post at The Marine Conservation Society where Joel ran and maintained MCS’s IT infrastructure.

Joel is a father of 2 and his interests include marathon running, mountain biking, Formula 1 and music writing and performance.

Joel is not one to lie down on the job… unless the job requires it.