I started working as a level 3 vocational learning support assistant in 2007, supporting students with many different learning needs, such as ASD, cerebral palsy, dyslexia,  epilepsy, moderate learning difficulties and ADHD. I then left that role to support a boy starting in year 7 who had profound hearing loss, where I signed the lessons to him. He was cheeky but always respectful and worked hard in his lessons. I joined Hereford College of Arts in 2021 to work supporting students in the Digital Futures course, an exciting innovative department.

Helen Parry, Miniature and Doodle Artist.

My doodle-style art draws your eye and makes you want to learn more about it and even question it. I love creating larger-scale works in cafes or on chairs, ready for customers to just come across them.  I use acrylic paints with Posca pens for the detail work, I hope my work bursts with energy to enhance a space; to create colour and fun shapes that can be explored through the viewer’s eyes and mind. I get inspiration through nature, from its many forms, flowers, leaves and wildlife especially help me to create the various shapes I use in my works. I also love painting feathers in pastels, I love their complexity, the colours, and the textures these beautiful objects create.

I continue to work on both large and smaller projects, you might just come across my work around Herefordshire, in a café, on windows or on walls as well as my Tiny Trekker Miniature art installations. The Hereford Times ran the story and called me “Hereford’s  Banksy”, as I leave the art installations for others to find.