Creatives in Residence

We're delighted to offer artists, designer-makers and creative professionals opportunities to use our facilities to develop their work.


Hereford College of Arts is the only college in the midlands dedicated to the arts. This means that we are a highly creative environment where everyone is either studying or is a practitioner in art, design, dance, acting, writing, film-making or photography. This scheme provides access to our well-equiped workshops, facilities, libraries, social spaces and lecture programmes.

Our Creatives in Residence scheme is open to Artists who have been out of education for a year or more and  provides an opportunity for you to use the college facilities to develop your practice through your own designated project, whilst working alongside our own students using our specialist workshop facilities, providing you with the prospect of re- evaluating and moving your practice forward in a student context.  As well as the workshops, you'll have access to our libraries, the College shop, lecture programme and educational visits, and social facilities.

There are up to four places available to applicants who can demonstrate that their practice would benefit from this experience. The scheme runs from October through to March, and culminates in a final exhibition of work at our Folly Lane campus.

Engaging with students in a number of activities such as seminars and tutorials is a crucial part of the scheme, this gives our students not only an insight into the creatives process but also the opportunity to observe first- hand methods of working and to make links with the professional working world they aspire to be apart of.

Applicants have now been selected for the 2017-18 cycle of the scheme but for any further information or to enquire about the 2018-19 scheme please email