Recent Guests - Alice Pattullo

The first year students were invited to include a review of Alice's workshop/visit as part of their written work for their Practice in Context module. Here is a short passage form Sophie Davies excellent effort.

A graduate from Brighton, Alice creates detailed illustrations and prints usually in a combination of colours layered up to give depth and variety to the pieces.
“She regularly explores British traditions, folklore and superstitions in her personal work” and each new project she sets herself, she delves into a new superstition that she hadn’t yet uncovered. She sells the results  at exhibitions and galleries. I was surprised at how much I had seen of Alice’s work without even knowing it at the time. The National Trust, Sainsburys, The V&A Museum, and The Village Voice have all been clients of Alice’s and over time her name spread and the emails began pouring in. She explained that her fruit and vegetable prints played a major part in the amount of commissions she received. She’s created packaging for products all over the globe - from chocolate wrappers to wine bottles. Alice’s work stems from research. It’s at the centre of her work and this enables her to cram her work with detail and authentic heritage. She collects an abundance of old British folklore and superstition books from charity shop throughout her life. Alongside this, she’s
accumulated many cookery books, some she has multiple copies of and she bases many personal projects based around food. She made it clear that she puts her heart and soul into everything she creates.

It was a pleasure having Alice visit us for the day and she left us some fantastic artwork to help decorate the studio and remind us of her beautiful work.