Statement on the war in Ukraine

This an extract from a letter sent to all students at Hereford College of Arts from the Principal Abigail Appleton in light of recent events in Ukraine.

Students and staff join people around the world in horror and condemnation of war in Ukraine. We have sympathy for all affected by this tragedy. We send our support in their time of need. This is also a time to reflect on and cherish the values we hold dear in the UK: democracy and the rule of law, individual liberty, and mutual respect and tolerance of different faiths and beliefs. These values are shared by people in many other countries also appalled by President Putin’s disregard for them. We stand in solidarity as a community rooted in place but connected to the world.

Our commitment to our community is to support all affected by global issues or injustices, no matter where and when they take place. Any members of the HCA community needing extra help to manage the emotional impact of these events are encouraged to reach out to HCA Wellbeing. For fundraising activity follow the Student Union.

War on Ukraine 2

Abigail Appleton