All of the images on this page were created by our students who experienced a Turing Scheme placement overseas in 2022.

The Turing Scheme is the government funded programme that has recently replaced the internationally recognised Erasmus Scheme in offering students work experience overseas.

Hereford College of Arts were delighted to receive an invitation to the take part in the project co-ordinated by the prestigious Royal Society of British Artists.  From over 100 student applications, the RBA secured overseas work placements for thirty of our further education (college level) students and eight of our graduates (university level) in 2022.


The destinations were split with two groups of students travelling to Salerno, a beautiful medieval city in the south west of Italy just outside Naples and a smaller group of students heading to Malta


Our college level students were away for 23 days, whilst our graduates spent a full two months on their creative industry placements.

All work, all play.

As well as being thrown into the deep end and adjusting to a new environment, living and working alongside peers, our students were challenged to engage with a new language, new ideas, new practices and cultures.

Our students were placed by the Turing organisers in a range of work placements for the duration of their stay, some learners were based in offices, working on digital content, social media, graphics and illustration work.  Others joined family run and artisan businesses in a range of disciplines from ceramics to leather work

Behind the scenes

One of our college level students, Grace, created this short documentary film from her trip, there is no better insight into what the experience was actually like than straight from the camera of our students to you.


Turing 2022, by Grace

It's really massively changed how I see my myself and how I want to create work, I think you can get into a routine of; research, sketchbook, final piece, sometimes, but this really, really broke me out of that. Level 3 Art and Design Student

Expanding horizons

As well as being a once in a life time learning experience, our students discovered a lot about themselves, from taking the first steps to put in the application form, to getting on the plane and living aboard independently.

The Turing scheme was a chance for the selected students to develop socially, culturally and academically whilst enjoying a different creative experience in an environment far from home.

For many of our college level students, especially post pandemic, this was their first time away both from parents and out of UK.

Lasting impressions

The students reflected deeply on their experiences whilst working overseas, made some great creative contacts and formed lasting friendships.

Whilst the graduates took up their work experience opportunities almost immediately after their degree shows, some even travelling back to be a part of the their New Designers showcase in London, the college level students were plunged straight back into their final major projects on their return to the UK and produced some incredible outcomes for their final public exhibition.

With grateful thanks to The Royal Society of British Artists and Turing partners overseas for facilitating our learners with these remarkable industry placements this year from all of us at Hereford College of Arts.

It was a smaller group (in Malta) than the Italy trip but I think that actually made us closer. I want to go back. It's really inspired me to travel more.