A first glimpse at the next generation of creative talent

Hereford College of Arts proudly presents The Degree Show 2024.


Held at our College Road Campus, this week-long event unveils the remarkable final projects crafted by our graduating class of 2024. Be captivated by an awe-inspiring display spanning 11 diverse degree subjects, introducing the next wave of talented and ambitious artists. Join us in celebrating the boundless creativity and promising future of these aspiring visionaries.

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Degree Show Private View

Friday 7th June 2024
College Road Campus, HR1 1EB
VIP entry 4.30pm. Friends and family entry 6pm

Degree Show Open to Public

Saturday 8th - 15th June 2024
College Road Campus, HR1 1EB
(10AM - 4PM)

Degree Show Late Nights

Tuesday 11th June
Thursday 13th June
(10AM - 8PM)

Performing Arts presents - A Midsummer Night's Dream

8th June 2023, 12.20pm
Front Lawn, College Road Campus, HR1 1EB

The Degree Show 2022 15

A word from our Principal

Abigail Appleton

“It is with immense pride that I invite you to this year’s end of course shows.  From college level to The Degree Show, HCA’s summer exhibitions are a testament to student creativity, adaptability and determination.  Through their academic journeys they have developed as individuals, creatives and future professionals.   We are delighted to share their work with you and hope you will visit to help celebrate and be inspired by their talent and achievement.”

Online Showcase 2024




Artist Blacksmith (Hons) BA is a course that prides itself on challenging preconceptions about historical traditions of blacksmithing. This course places artist blacksmithing at the heart of contemporary craft practice.



The role of craft is continually evolving. As society rethinks our relationship with the planet and the impact of throwaway culture, the origin, quality and meaning of objects in our lives have never been more significant. Be part of the crafts resurgence that is committed to shaping a better future. Develop a personally sustainable practice, rooted in material understanding, drawing the best of the past but passionate for innovation. Think with your hands as well as your brain.



The world needs fine art thinkers more than ever before. The ability to see the world through a unique filter, and then express and communicate this to others is vital in this time of change. It can potentially influence our culture, our mental well-being, politics, and even the economy.



During your time on our BA (Hons) Graphic & Media Design course, you’ll become a professional Graphic Designer learning from industry experienced lecturers. We will support you in gaining work experience with local and national creative media companies, as well as giving you the opportunity to work with professional designers and live clients.



Illustration is an important part of our visual heritage and culture. From childhood and throughout our lives, illustration helps us all make sense of a complicated world. It is a communication tool that entertains, describes, inspires, explains and educates.



The huge growth in our consumption of media on small-screen mobile devices is changing the landscape for visual content creators. Programme makers and advertisers are hungry for imaginative, entertaining work, especially moving-image and animation. This course responds to this demand and embraces the natural link between illustration and animation.



The adornment of the human body with objects, and use of jewellery can be traced back millennia. It carries many meanings, and answers profound and enduring needs to express personality and individuality. In a changing world we know this ancient desire for self-expression will remain. Develop your own creative identity and help others realise theirs through this practice-based course.



Let’s prepare you to step into the performing arts industry.

Actively create, make and perform your own work, as well as collaborate with students from other courses across the arts school – these are all things you will get to do whilst in the process of improving and building your techniques and skills to a high standard on our Performing Arts course.



Photography is universal with a trillion pictures now taken round the globe a year. It has an importance to individuals, groups and businesses like no other art form, capturing stories, representing dreams, driving political change, promoting ideas and brands. Professional photography, that stands out in this age of the image, is at a premium in a host of different sectors.



Textile design plays an important role in fashion and interiors but is also at the cutting-edge of a wide range of other design solutions such as architecture, automotive and bio-materials.

With sustainability and emerging technologies at the heart of contemporary design thinking, it is an exciting time for our students as the role of textiles is re-imagined across many aspects of modern life.


A Taste of HCA Life

8th June – 11am

Open Day

Discover the vibrant world of HCA! Join our open event alongside the Degree Show. Reserve your spot to embark on a guided tour through our workshops and teaching spaces, while our course leaders share first hand insights into our programmes. Immerse yourself in awe-inspiring exhibits by the talented 2024 graduates and engage with the creative minds behind them!

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Frequently asked questions

Yes we have full disabled access throughout the ground floor of the building and all exhibitions will be contained on the ground floor.

Parking is on site at the College Road Campus.

No, unfortunately not!

We wish we could invite everyone. Unless you have received a personal invite you will have to wait until Saturday to have a look around. It will be then be open until the 17th June



YES! We will have staff members here and available if you can’t make the Open Day, or would like to get a more personal feel for HCA!



The exhibition features the final project work from over 100 graduating students. Check out some of their incredible work above and follow @HerefordArts for more on Instagram.

YES! Absolutely, 100% Free!

Unless of course you see something that you absolutely must buy. Our students may be open to offers for the final pieces. Speak to them, and they will be more than happy to discuss anything in regards to purchasing work.