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BA (Hons) Textile Design Graduate Kimberley Evans now Colour and Material Design team at Jaguar Land Rover

Over the three years we had several live briefs with top industry professionals including Seetal Solanki author of Why Materials Matter, and Envisage who have previously worked with Bentley, Jaguar Land Rover to name a few. These projects prepared me for a career after university.

BA (Hons) Textile Design Graduate

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BA (Hons) Textile Design

Textile design is the visual communication of fabrics and materials, realised through tactile processes that are both ancient and futuristic.

Underpinned by an innate understanding of colour, pattern and texture, Textile Designers are at the forefront of change, supporting innovations in fibre, yarn and material to create sustainable design outcomes.

Textile design plays an important role in fashion and interiors but is also at the cutting edge of a wide range of other design solutions such as architecture, automotive and bio-materials.

With sustainability and emerging technologies at the heart of contemporary design thinking, it is an exciting time for our students as the role of textiles is re-imagined across many aspects of modern life.

Our course teaches innovative, creative design explored through a wide range of materials. We see ‘textile’ as far more than cloth; it can be paper, plastic, wood, metal, even organic matter. Through the design process, you will be encouraged to consider a wide range of issues such as sustainability, cultural narratives, and a growing desire for sensory experiences in an increasingly virtual world.

Textile or Material?


Is it Textile or Material?

Ellen Bannister

Ellen Bannister. Sampling Assistant at Roger Oates Design

We very fortunate at HCA to be involved with industry partners. We had live briefs set by design companies and we had the ability to present our work to them. This allowed us to get great feedback from people already in the design industry.

BA (Hons) Textile Design Graduate

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An introduction to Textile Design degree at HCA

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Nick Thomas

BA (Hons) Textile Design Course Leader

Nick Thomas

For an excellent opportunity to learn more about textile design, and introduce our course, contact Course Leader Nick Thomas n.thomas@hca.ac.uk