Alfred Watkins was a Hereford businessman, author, amateur archaeologist, antiquarian, local politician and authority on beekeeping, as well as founder member and President of the Woolhope Naturalist Field Club.

He was a respected photographer, taking over 300 photographs of rural life and surroundings. He made some cameras himself and manufactured an exposure meter called the Watkins Bee Meter due to its small size and efficiency.

Watkins was famous for his work on ley lines. On June 30 1921 Alfred Watkins had an extraordinary revelation. As he stood on a Herefordshire hillside, it came to him that straight lines of sight criss-crossed the landscape, connecting ancient and spiritual sites. Christening them ley lines, he believed they enabled our ancestors to navigate.

Hereford College of Arts (HCA) invites you to celebrate the life and work of the visionary Alfred Watkins by taking a photographic image responding to the theme of lines. We kindly invite professional and non-professional photographers, of all ages, to join this photography contest.

When you enter this photography contest you have the chance to become HCA’s Alfred Watkins Photographer of the Year 2021 and win amazing prizes. But that’s not all, the finalists and winning images will be in a photo exhibition at HCA for the public to view.

So join today, help us celebrate life and work of Alfred Watkins.

Learn about Alfred Watkins by reading The Tate’s paper.

Visit Hereford Museum & Art Gallery to view the Alfred Watkins Exhibition.


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