It has been another successful Affordable Arts fair this for our Extended Diploma Art and Design students. The fair took place between Friday 8 – Thursday 14 November in Old Market, Hereford, and as part of their current unit, ‘Engaging with an Audience’, the students were tasked with designing and creating quality affordable products for public sale.

Affordable Arts Fair 2

The fair which takes place every year, enables students to develop their enterprise and employability skills, and showcases their talents in producing a whole array of exciting products from t-shirt designs and cards to plant pots and unique decorative homeware. It provides them with a hands on experience in making and selling their work and the students benefit from excellent workshop facilities and working with staff who have their own practices outside of the college.

The fair was a fantastic showcase of the young creative talent at the College who are upholding the College values of individuality, inventiveness and collaboration.

Affordable Arts Fair 3

As a result of the fair this year, £3,500 was taken which was more than any previous year.

A great achievement for all the students involved and a huge thanks to the public who supported the fair. If you would like to see more of their work, follow @hereford_college_of_arts_y2 on Instagram.