10 types of housemates and how to get along with them

Moving into student halls is a great opportunity to meet new people, make friends for life and learn more about yourself. Keep in mind that everyone is different and you may not get on with everybody, and that’s okay! Here is a handy list of the kinds of characters you might meet in shared in accommodation and some tips with how work with them to make sure everyone is happy. Try and find which one you might be!

Types of housemates

1. The neat one

Let’s be honest, student accommodations aren’t the cleanest of shared houses! This housemate may struggle at first living in shared student accommodation. Everyone has a different level of cleanliness so try and be mindful of this.

Solution: Compliment them on their cleanliness, try and keep your shared space as clean as possible and listen to their rants so they know they are being heard. You never know, it might teach you a thing or two!

Types of housemates 2

2. The ghost

You never really know where this person is! They may be a social butterfly, fluttering around the streets of Hereford or silently hiding out in their room. You have heard of them but you may have never seen them.

Solution: If you do see them about make sure to say a friendly hello! They could be shy or secretly holding a grudge because they think you stole their favourite mug.

Types of housemates 3

3. The passive aggressive note writer

You may find these sassy notes plastered everywhere, even in the most unexpected places. Any slight annoyance will be noted by this person such as an annoyance of the arrangement of cheese in the fridge, leaving the light on in the kitchen or people leaving crumbs on the side.

Solution: Unless you want to engage in a nine month post it note war, try and ignore it as much as possible. If you know who is leaving the notes try and work out a system with them that works for everybody.

Types of housemates 4

4. The messy one

 This person may not care about the mess, or may not even notice it. Some people are just immune to crumbs, piles of smelly socks and mould spores!

 Solution: This person will inventively be the arch nemesis of number 1, so be careful not to get involved in the middle of that. You are well within your rights to ask them to be more considerate of shared spaces. Also, if you are particularly fond of your kitchen utensils maybe hide them!

Types of housemates 6

5. The relaxed one

 This person is always super chill and will not be phased by the post it notes wars or kitchen cleaning disagreements. They are usually really easy to talk to and is friendly with everyone. Although they may be just too relaxed to pay close attention to the frustrations of others.

Solution: If it becomes a problem and their laid-back approach to things becomes frustrating, try to talk to them about your concerns. Although don’t expect too much.

Types of housemates 5

6. The sensible one

This person can usually be found tucked up in bed at an early hour with some herbal tea, watching the great British bake off or the Sewing bee. They will avoid student clubs and bars at all costs as it just isn’t their scene. Guaranteed that this person will remind you of your drunken squawks and falls at 4 in the morning whilst you are trying to crawl into your bedroom.

Solution: Try and get on their level and include them in things where you can. Ask them about their interests and hobbies whilst all in the kitchen at breakfast time. Remember that everyone is different and has different interests.

Types of housemates 7

7. The procrastinator

Guaranteed this person is always involved in fun activities and hobbies, and fills most of their time with anything but their studies.  One day they might be learning how to Himalayan throat sing, binging on the newest Netflix series and the next day organising an all-night zombie walk.  Super chilled at the start of term, but slowly digressing into a stressed mess by the end of it!

Solution: Join in for a little bit but try not to fall into the procrastination trap. Gently remind them of deadlines and show them that you are doing your uni work, this may encourage them to do the same.

Types of housemates 1

8. The culinary wizard

This person will be fully fledged in the world of cooking and have a passion for the finer things. You will always find them in the kitchen filling the shared accommodation with wonderful smells of home cooked food.

Solution: Befriend them! They may share some of their culinary knowledge and even some of their yummy food with you.

Types of housemates 13

9. The party animal

There is a party animal in almost every student accommodation. This person will be living their university dream. Pulling all nighters, making friends at every turn and blasting music from their room. They will party hard during Freshers week and then sleep for a full week afterwards.

Solution: Communication is key, talk with them if they are being too loud and keeping you up. Try and avoid them whilst they are in full party mode as they might not have the capacity at that time to properly hear you out. Party animals don’t want to make your life difficult, they just want to have a good time.

Types of housemates 14

10. The workaholic

This person can be found sketching away in the studio, headphones in, bashing out design and design. They may have started writing their dissertation 2 years ahead of schedule and have already read a wide range of source material and can recommend an artist or designer for almost every concept and discipline. They are usually ambitious and already putting things in place for their future career.

Solution: Everyone works at a different speed, so don’t compare yourself to them. If you feel that they need a break invite them to hang out with you or catch them on their lunch break.