What have you been up to since graduating from HCA?

Since graduating from HCA, I moved back to Bristol and started looking for new photo opportunities. The degree acted as proof that I have a technical understanding of photography as opposed to someone that just ‘liked a good photo’, so the degree was beneficial to getting my first job post-university as a wedding photo editor.

From there, I used the portfolio that I built at HCA (from the course work itself and from opportunities which came about as a student of HCA) to get more hands-on camera work, working as a wedding photographer for myself and for other photographers and studios.

What do you in terms of employment at the moment?

This is my 3rd year since graduating and this year alone I have shot over 30 weddings, run 3 photo workshops, helped on two BBC productions, edited 70+ weddings, designed 9 albums, been the official photographer at 2 commercial events, 6 charity events, sold almost 300 stock photos, and been commissioned to create content for 5 Bristol brands.

What advice would you have for people planning on working in the industry?

I still show some of my ‘private practice’ across some of the smaller venues in Bristol, it’s a good way to keep in the local photographers’ community and in finding likeminded practitioners. I do occasionally sell some work this way, It’s a great way to keep in the loop with what opportunities available in the area.

How did studying at HCA help you get to where you are today?

Studying at HCA set me up for the real world in many respects, although some things can only be learned through experience and can only come with time. I’m still learning my place in the photography community and still learning how I want to grow my business. The most important thing to me, is that 80% of my time I am my own boss, and that’s a great feeling!