We are so lucky to have such a cool and interesting team. HCA has two libraries at CRC and Folly Lane.

Jo Lacy – As the full time librarian for college Jo has extensive and valuable inside knowledge about the literary delights on offer in the library. Jo spent a few years driving a very large mobile library around the remotest wilds of Mid-Wales and working as a schools’ and children’s librarian in Powys, before landing dream job at one of the few remaining independent art colleges in the country – HCA.

She is also an expert on all things ‘80s and knows everything there is to know about Nick Cave.

Her favourite part about working in the library is getting to know our lovely students and finding them the information they didn’t even know they needed, and being part of a unique creative community.

Love for our Libraries at HCA 4

Ruth Cameron Swan –She is currently reading the second in ‘The Book of Dust’ trilogy: ‘The Secret Commonwealth’ by Philip Pullman. A transporting page turner.

When asking her what her favourite part about working in the library, she immediately responded with “Books! Recommending books; sharing good bits from books; juicy quotes. Interesting new ideas…”

Love for our Library at HCA

Martin Cameron – Martin joined the library team in 2014. He is currently reading and would recommended Bystander: a history of street photography by Colin Westerbeck and Joel Meyerowitz.

“Every day is different because our students are always asking new questions and engaging with our collection in fresh ways. We’re lucky enough to have such a rich and diverse collection to draw on whilst helping students with their research… I am learning too!”

Love for our Libraries at HCA 2

Karen Farrington – Karen spends her week supporting on the Performing Arts course but you will also find her at the Library desk on a Friday.

“My favourite thing about working in the library is meeting students from all courses and love it when we can locate that item and they really need. Even better if we can recommend something useful then I am a happy bunny! I may not have all the answers but I will endeavour to find a solution, find someone who can help or point you in the right direction”.

Love for our Libraries at HCA 3

Sophie Evans – Sophie studied BA (Hons) Design Crafts at HCA and is currently been working illustrative work.

You may have noticed the all of the beautiful plants in the library and we have Sophie to thank for that! Last year she brought a couple of Pileas into the library to make it feel a little feel a little warmer. Her favourite novel is The Unbearable Lightness of Being, Milan Kundera. We asked her what her favourite part of working in the library was and she responded with “Working with creative students is really refreshing I love helping new students to become at home in the library”.

Love for our Libraries at HCA 5