BA (Hons) Contemporary Design Craft students from HCA will be unveiling an exhibition of diverse Craft works in the Crypt of Hereford Cathedral on Friday 13th– the event will be open to the public from Saturday 14th December to Saturday 5th of January 2020.

Crafting the Cathedral is an exhibition bringing together contemporary craft artefacts, created and designed as a personal response to Hereford Cathedral by second year students from our BA (Hons) Contemporary Design Crafts and BA (Hons) Jewellery Design courses. After receiving a guided tour, which focused on the art and history of the building, students set to work on designs in their chosen discipline.

Course leader Helen Marton noted “It’s been a really important, demanding, yet rewarding challenge to create interpretive objects that live up to the building, the people and items that live there. The Cathedral and its varied artefacts have astonishing metaphorical power, and our students have been able to effectively focus upon some of their curious and interesting stories.”

This project has led to an engaging mix of responses, resulting in an exhibition that showcases a range of pieces, each exploring the students’ personal interpretation of the cathedral fabric in their own way; from delicate metal work to ceramics and automata.

“The sacred space of Hereford Cathedral has been a source of creative inspiration for centuries. Carrying on this tradition, it has been wonderful to welcome the students from HCA for their Crafting the Cathedral exhibition. The results are amazingly diverse and impress with their originality, imagination, energy, thoughtfulness and skill.” – Dr. Rosemary from Hereford Cathedral.


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