Gillian has been teaching Movement and Dance on Performing Arts courses at Further and Higher Education level for over 16 years in London and now Hereford. She sees her former student’s progress to perform on TV, the West End and in theatres around the UK with touring companies.

Gillian graduated with a BSc(Hons) Business and Dance and followed this with a teaching qualification and completion of her MA in Dance Movement Therapy.
Since working at Hereford she has developed a keen interest in bringing performances into outdoor spaces in which an unsuspecting audience may not expect to see a performance take place. Her Aerial Dance Company was commissioned to perform at Hereford River Carnival and Wye River Festival and subsequently has performed at the Hay Festival, the International Sculpture Exhibition at Newport house and other charitable events across Herefordshire.

In her teaching practice she adopts a collaborative approach and it is in collaboration with Performing Arts students and often with students from a variety of other disciplines that choreographic, movement, dance and performance work is created.

Currently Gillian is completing her PhD research into the theories of movement theorist  Rudolf Laban and how his theories can be applied to the workplace in order to promote well-being.