​At HCA, we are granted so many opportunities to progress with help from local exhibitions, artist talks, and live briefs which allow students to make contacts for when they graduate and further their careers.

The fact that we are given the opportunity to really explore themes that mean something to us helped me to blossom my ideas and broaden my overall way of thinking, making and reflecting. We are granted an opportunity for group collaborations in the Fine Art project space which helps you communicate new ideas with others.

My favourite thing about being at HCA is the amount of space and free rein we have in our studio spaces. The library has to be one of my favourite places to be – it’s like a second home, the members of staff are welcoming and always happy to help, and the flexibility of long opening hours allows us to stay longer to continue working. 

Personally, having the courage to switch courses and finally be on the course that was best for me is something I’m most proud of. By doing this I have been able nourish my themes and ideas that I wanted to pursue. Overall, being one of the SU Co-Presidents has to have been the most terrifyingly exciting things I could have done at my time here at HCA. To see all the differences and positive changes I have been involved in actually coming to fruition is a blessing.

HCA SU is all about the student voice and making the student experience as enjoyable as possible. This was why I wanted to be part of the SU – to be able to truly make a difference and improve the experience for future students.