Lauren Fairbrother (L5)
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Lauren Fairbrother (L5)BA (Hons) Fine Art

Remember That You Must Die

Wax and organic materials (flowers)


Memento Mori- “remember that you must die”.

An exploration of mortality and the fragility of life and how, although not physically, a presence or trace still remains- a photograph, memories, that seed that you planted as a child that has now grown into a tree, the wet tarmac that you trod on and left an imprint. This is to serve as a reminder of the beauty of life and that your existence within the world has made a change, left a mark, and the world would not have been the same without you there. Call it the butterfly effect.

In loving memory of Laurence Harry Field, (29th July 1936 to 6th March 2020,) a loving grandfather, motivator and inspiration.