Turn your creativity into a career.

We currently have availability on all our creative courses. If you’re ready to apply, scroll down and begin making an application.

There are several routes that you can use to apply to our undergraduate courses. Check out the steps below, select the one that applies to you and get started.

Apply via UCAS

To apply through UCAS you’ll need our institution code H18 and the relevant course code – which is available on each course page. Click the link here, to visit the UCAS page, login in and follow the application process.

Please note the deadline for applications is the 25th January 2023

Apply to HCA direct.

Whether you are a mature student (over the age of 21) or applying from overseas, you can apply direct. Alternatively if you are under 21 but intend on applying to HCA and no other institutions, you can contact registry@hca.ac.uk directly.


Step one.

What happens next…?

Once we have received your application, you will be invited to the college to attend an interview. Please note for our art, design and media courses, you will be required to bring along a recent portfolio of work with you to interview.

For Performing Arts and Popular music you will have a short audition. During the interview, the tutor will assess your suitability for the courses based on the entry requirements for that particular course – again, these can be found on the individual course web pages.

FAQ's.... Frantically asked questions! (at this stage)

That’s okay, it sounds extremely intense, but it can be as simple as a selection of 5 pieces of your favourite work from school or college.

Our lecturers and admissions teams are looking for a spark of brilliance, true artistic flair or genuine passion for a subject, your ability to buy an expensive “portfolio” shows none of these things.

February. However, we have a large volume of applicants and if you have not heard anything by 7.30am February 1st, please don’t panic. There will be a member of our registry team who is far more stressed than you!

Add this number to your phone now 01432 802878 and if you need any help or reassurance, give our team a call, they will help you with any questions!

Yes! Your creativity is what we’re interested in, your passions, your love of art, design, making and creating! UCAS points do matter and we would always encourage you to meet those criteria, HOWEVER, they will not stop you, if you can show us why you believe you would fit onto one of courses then contact our registry team here.

Step two

Track your application

Once your application is in, sit back and wait, or login in to UCAS and keep it permanently open day and night, as soon as we’ve reviewed your UCAS application, we will get back to you via the portal (and email) with your next step.

Don't let the process stop you! If this all feels a bit daunting and you need some help... Pick up the phone, email, message, we have a team of people ready to help you!

People apply to HCA with from different backgrounds and with different levels of experience. If you feel like it would help to talk to one of the HCA team ahead of applying through UCAS, our Registry team can offer informal ‘advisory interviews’ to guide you. If that sounds like it might be right for you, you can reach them on 01432 802878, or e-mail  for more information and to book in a time.

What to expect at an Open Day 1

Step three

Accepting your offer

You’ve had an incredible interview, you absolutely love HCA, the campus, the town, the workshops and the course. Now what…? Once again, it’s time to keep an eye on UCAS, we will contact you within 10 working days to let you know the result, and following this, once you’ve received your offer from us, head to UCAS and click accept!

Don’t panic, as mentioned earlier, pick up the phone and call registry, we will make individual decisions on every single one of our students and that includes those who don’t meet the standard criteria!

We have incredible new student accommodation built just for us, click here to find out more about the rooms we offer, the prices and how to apply. If you have applied before the 25th January (UCAS deadline day) we can guarantee you a space at No1 Station Approach 

Want to come and see us?

If you want to check out our incredible campus, facilities, workshops, lecturers and town, we still have spaces on our Open Days throughout December and January, click HERE to book your spot!

Each year students apply and then book a visit afterwards, you’re more than welcome to attend Open Days or have a Personal Tour after January. We’d love to meet you before September!