I am an educational leader with over 20 years’ experience in Arts education. I am intensely committed to delivering a high quality and personally fulfilling educational experience. I believe wholeheartedly in the power of education to transform peoples lives.

Life is rarely a straightforward journey, and my own journey has taken me from my degree in Three Dimensional Design, though working as a furniture designer maker, to working in films, to finally working in education. I have taught 3D design and contextual studies and worked at almost every level in education. It is in education that I have found the greatest rewards. In many ways I feel that my career working in Arts Schools is have been a continuing formative experience for me. Social justice is a key driver for me, and education is a powerful lever in achieving this in society.

Experience has shown us that creativity is key to a country’s economic success. The arts school system in this country has driven UK creativity since the 19th century. I see my job as carrying this precious baton into these new times. I feel privileged to be working in one of the few independent Arts College’s in the country.

I have used my experiences of working in education in my work on the boards of various organisations, including on the board of Create Gloucestershire for eleven years during which time I was the chair of that ground breaking organisation for five.

My family, mountain biking and music are key in sustaining my heart and soul.