Why did you choose HCA for your degree?

After completing my Foundation Diploma at Folly Lane, I decided that I wanted to try a new location and new university for my further education. Therefore, I enrolled in a BA (Hons) Illustration degree at Falmouth University. Unfortunately, I felt that at Falmouth I had chosen the wrong course. I felt that my creativity was restricted, I was isolated and very unhappy. Feeling like a misfit. I transferred onto BA (Hons) Fine Art, in the hope of a more positive experience.

However after one year, I decided I wanted to return to Hereford College of Arts. Luckily, I could transfer straight into second year BA (Hons) Contemporary Design Crafts (CDC). It was the best decision I could have made; I am so appreciative of the effort and high level of interest that the tutors invest into each individual student. The relationship between tutors and students from all years within CDC is very inclusive and supportive.

What do you love most about your course?

I love that you are not being forced to conform to a certain style or medium within crafts. You work with concepts and mediums that resonate with you and your personal practice. The tutors work with you so that you can develop the skills you need for your practice. It is a very personal and progressive way of learning. Different to what I previously experienced at Falmouth.

I love the sense of community gained through relationships with staff and students from all levels. The studios are open and connected, allowing you to collaborate with other students and generate new ideas. It is not a competitive environment as many art courses are, instead it is a supportive network of creative individuals who have your best interests at heart.

What advice would you offer students joining HCA?

Make the most of the technical demonstrators, learning support and the available facilities because they are much more informative and considerate than other creative institutes. You are not competing for studio space or workshop time, so utilise it. Try not to miss any opportunity to learn a new piece of equipment, creative process, or software.

Be honest to tutors about your progress and do not feel afraid of criticism, it will help you progress as an individual. Be kind to others because you are entering a tightly knit community. A three year course sounds like a long time but it will pass you by faster than you realise, so do not be afraid to voice opinions in lectures and engage with group critiques and your tutors, as this will help to better shape your understanding of creative practices and how to respond to briefs and feedback.

What piece of work are you most proud of so far?

The piece I am most proud of is my ‘ALGAE BIO-MASK’. This piece is an outcome of research into the material qualities of Chlorella Phytoplankton (algae), and how its integration into modern sanitary living can help with air pollution remediation. With the help of Tre Seaborne (fellow student), the mask was designed using Auto CAD, then 3D printed out of a specially developed algae filament. Once printed, it was injected with an algae bio-gel that converts CO2 into oxygen through photosynthesis. The piece is biodegradable and gives notion to our dystopian futuristic living as a result of anthropomorphic climate change.