My course is fantastic in that we can use any material, and with any outcome we wish. This means there are few confines to how you work and where you work. I am spread between each of the workshops – which all have a different atmosphere and new people to bounce ideas off and learn from.

My tutors are very knowledgeable in the field and have exciting ideas about the value of craft and how it is evolving in the contemporary world.

In the second year I started up the Hiking Society. We do many different walks, including short ones around the Hereford area, longer overnight camping walks in the Black Mountains, and a few woodland foraging walks around the county. Some of the students are really grateful for the chance to get outside and learn about the local landscape.

HCA is a small and friendly environment so you can get to know many of the staff and students. I have inspiring conversations every day and also a great support network around me.