Why did you choose HCA for your degree?

I started at HCA in second year after transferring from another university. I chose HCA for its size, I found it very difficult working at a large university and just couldn’t relax or settle in because everything felt very daunting. I knew that if I wanted to produce good work and push myself that I needed a workspace that I felt comfortable and confident in.

For me the smaller class sizes and workshops feel more welcoming and therefore I am more willing to try new things, experiment and explore which is what’s most important in a creative degree. The range of equipment and the knowledge of the staff is amazing, and I have not once felt that the smaller size of the college has held me back, if anything it’s allowed me to excel.

What do you love most about your course?

I love amount of variety. Each student has their own clear style which has been encouraged and supported by the tutors. There is no house style and because you don’t have to specialise in a specific area of textiles, you have the freedom to explore all areas the whole way through the course. The projects also vary and the live briefs allow you to work with outside companies, giving insight into different avenues in the industry. I also love the huge sustainability focus the course has as this is so key to the future of the industry and this is ingrained into every part of the course.

What advice would you offer students joining HCA?

I’d say to anyone starting at HCA is to try not to worry! Joining a university can be a really scary and unsettling for most people! You most definitely won’t be alone, and you will make friends in plenty of time. So don’t worry if in your first week at university, you are not having the time of your life, it will come!

What is the best thing about studying in Hereford?

I am from Hereford but the best thing about it is the people! Because its small and there isn’t a crazy nightlife – Herefordians make the best of every situation. Everyone is super positive, happy, lovely and up for a good time!

What are you working on now?

I am currently working on my final project (FMP) which is called Gaia. I’m exploring how textiles can help you heal and connect to your body. I’m aiming to create a ‘charged’ textile collection that will aid people through mental health challenges and allow them to feel empowered. The collection is also low impact, using waste and second-hand textile materials with natural dyes to create knitted outcomes.