Why did you choose HCA for your degree?

I chose to study at HCA for my degree as I had previously completed a Foundation Diploma here and absolutely loved it. I loved being in this varied artistic community, and the fact it was a small college meant I knew I would get a much more personal experience in terms of engaging with tutors and other students.

What did you love most about the Illustration and Animation course?

I loved the ability to mix the two together, and there was never a pressure to create one or the other. Although you were always studying both, when it came to our own projects, I was able to chose what I was most interested in. It was exciting to apply elements of animation to illustration, and in turn create something more engaging than just an image.

What advice would you offer students joining HCA?

Enjoy the small community. Enjoy the variety of different artists that you can encounter. It can be really refreshing to interact with someone studying from a different course, and you can gain a new perspective to your own work.

Christy Johnson 1

What is the best thing about studying in Hereford?

I didn’t live in Hereford, but was in a city close by, however I enjoyed Hereford because although it may be a smaller city, it has an ever growing art scene. I feel the countryside can really inspire your work, and nearby events such as Hay Festival are really exciting to be a part of.

What are your plans for the future?

My plan for the future is to keep on making art. I’ve had a really great experience working with an art studio in London, and I’m hoping to continue a working relationship with them. I also plan to continue my freelance journey, hoping to build contacts, and friendships with fellow artists within the illustration community.

Although most of my illustration is digital, I’d love to explore more traditional work like printing and painting, even if it is for my own personal work. I’m trying to build a path towards a career that I love.