Tell us about your time at HCA. What was your favourite part of studying here?

I studied Fine Art and was really happy with my choice. With Fine Art, you have so much freedom with whatever direction you want to take, and all the different creative paths you can follow. I enjoyed trying out new mediums.

How did you end up training to be a tattoo artist?

I started my apprenticeship in my second year studying my Fine Art degree, so i used it for my work-based learning project. The guy who did my tattoos for me at Dermagraphica saw my potential and asked me to work with him. There, he taught me everything that I know now. After learning the basics, I developed my own style.

Tell us about Tattoo Fixers, how did you come to appear on the show?

I was found on Instagram by the producers of Tattoo Fixers. They liked my work and contacted me asking to do a Skype interview. I was up against a lot of other really talented artists and had a number of rounds to go through in order to make it on the show, including being filmed a few times at the studio I work at, and a screen test in London with the other guys on the show.