Wendy McCleave (MA)
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Wendy McCleave (MA)MA Fine Art

In the previous module of the MA, largely influenced by Jane Bennett’s ‘Vibrant Matter’, I focused on attempting to find ‘essence’ in objects.

I had intended to take that enquiry further in this current module by working from objects destined for disposal or recycling and investigating our acceptance of built-in obsolescence and value systems when comparing the ‘discarded’ with the ‘vintage’.

COVID-19 intervened and my current work is influenced by the Coronavirus lockdown as I respond to unaccustomed restrictions on my freedom and mobility.

From being frustrated by the new situation, I am now embracing it by making work about my immediate surroundings. I live in a small village in a rural area of Wales and am documenting my environment with reference to the local history that has shaped it.

Nature has been allowed a respite over the past weeks of lockdown and I am working to capture that renewed vibrancy and energy in the colours, textures and sounds around me. The peace evolving from the absence of human activity has allowed me to be more aware of the sounds of nature, and the reduction in air pollution seems to lend a purity to colours and shapes.

I am aware that this change might be fleeting and am working in a variety of media to best capture what strike me as being significant aspects of my surroundings.

Working with this more contracted viewpoint is instilling a refreshed attention to detail in my practice and driving me to respond quickly and intuitively to document the ever-changing nature of the everyday in my world which seems as a result both reduced and expanded.


From previous module:

  • Collage Still Life – Mixed media painting/collage on board
  • Presence in Absence – Mixed media painting on prepared ground
  • The Quiet Jar – Mixed media painting and on prepared ground

From current module:

  • Tree – Mixed media painting/charcoal on pumiced ground
  • Leaning Tree – Charcoal and putty rubber drawing