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Tyrone Mighty (L4)BA (Hons) Photography

I am a first-year student studying BA Hons Photography. My style embodies who I am as a person and photographer, my work has become my own visual testimony. As you will see a lot through my work that fashion and BMX is a major factor throughout.

The few images that you see including a skatepark were from my documentary project. I wanted to portray the life of a rider, the life I have lived since I was a kid. It was not just about the tricks that were achieved, but it was a more about the lows we go through. The times we are fed up, frustrating when we cannot land a trick. Or constantly being moved on from place to place, by security or the public. But when we achieve that trick believe me when I say the amount of joy and excitement that we all feel is something like no other.

The remaining images were based on my Line and shape project, I decided to take the path of using the form of the human body and nature to present line and shape. I wanted to portray an organic, living and breathing feel to my images.