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Timothy Lewis (L5)BA (Hons) Fine Art

My work is often conceptual and experimental.

I work typically with found, poor or traces of materials.

I am interested in the process of making and its relationship to product, where process usually prevails.

My work often takes a focused, deliberate approach, using proposal and instruction and explores how this links to chance or unexpected outcomes.

My work also engages with ideas of relational aesthetics and inclusion, inviting other people into the conversation to join in the experience or encounter the art.

Much of my work interrogates the relationship between making and text, particularly the associations it evokes with human experience- authenticity, immediacy, intimacy, ritual, memory, nostalgia and narrative.

Creating work around the idea of time is a common thread throughout my work. I am interested in its performative quality, the remaking an act as a way of drawing memories into the present.

I am also interested in the drawing of space and looking at space differently. My work seeks to reveal interior, negative or hidden spaces (often in everyday objects), looking beyond their function and practical use to suggest a new value and drawing out powerful associations of human contact borne by those objects.