Tabitha Davies (L4)
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Tabitha Davies (L4)BA (Hons) Illustration

I first started seriously drawing aged 11, copying screenshots from one of my favourite shows – RWBY. I quickly moved on from screenshot redraws but never really stopped being inspired by the shows and games I enjoyed.

My more personal work usually concerns ‘Fan Art’ and is often ‘Fantasy’ based. My personal motto is ‘The stupider, the better.’
I enjoy sharing absurdity in my work, often relating to something I find amusing. I use gouache and brush pens/fine liners, although I will occasionally work digitally.

I like to start an image with a sketch, before gradually adding line art and eventually obliterating the sketch below. I subsequently paint over this. My original image is often abandoned as I add other details or alter certain features or poses.

I intend to create my own original narratives in the future and help others to showcase their stories to the world.

The work included in this showcase were all created for College based projects They include:

  • A cover for Little White Lies magazine about The Grand Budapest Hotel
  • The opening page for a graphic novel version of 1984
  • Three images created as part of the module ‘Drawing and Illustration’:
    Dad on VE Day
    River near my home
    Walking with my Mother