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Steve Freer (MA)MA Contemporary Crafts

During the lockdown I’ve been working on a large ceramic piece relating to my mother’s Alzheimer’s disease. She died of the disease in 2017 in a nursing home and I watched her sad decline over a period of five years.

For the ceramic piece I’ve used two photographs of her, one from when she was a teenager in the 1940s, the second when she was ill and losing her memory. I’ve screen printed the images onto the outside and inside, I’ve also painted with slip a frieze around the pot with a young woman silhouetted on the horizon and my mum as an old woman trapped in a house. I also pressed a piece of old lace and garden plants into the wet clay to give texture.

It’s a piece about memory and the loss of memory, about fading images and pictures coming back to life. In the context of the lockdown it’s also about being trapped inside.