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Sophie Drew (L4)BA (Hons) Photography

“Life through lockdown”

My name is Sophie Drew and I am currently studying in my 1st year of BA Photography. My project “Life through lockdown” is a representation of the current world during a world pandemic. I focused on the main aspects of lockdown in the town centre ,empty streets, closed shops, limited people entering essential shops, reduced public transport closed parks as all these measures were put in place to try and stop the Coronavirus spread even further and take even more lives and these particular images were taken of Worcester town centre and I feel they clearly show life at this moment of time. I have also focused on finding small and subtle details within my images to show a hidden message, that there is hope yet. However, my main thought for these photographs were to show the world the isolation and emptiness that comes with being in lockdown and how people are coping with that. I want my photographs to be well known in many years when this pandemic is all over and I would really like them to be part of history when teaching future generations about the year of the Coronavirus pandemic (Covid 19).