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Sarah Pitcher (L4)BA (Hons) Contemporary Design Crafts

Working with metal and enamel allows me to explore the elements of pattern, colour and shape to their fullest within jewellery design.

The starting point of this project was to examine the work of 17th to 19th century Herefordshire based watchmakers. After dissecting period pocket watches, I gathered visual inspiration into the following categories: mechanism, dial and case. This research produced three individual pieces of contemporary jewellery, constructed from brass, mild steel and copper to reflect those categories in each of the pieces of work.

During the development of the necklaces, I researched and learnt about the ancient process of plique-á-jour; an enamelling technique that fills shapes hand-cut in metal with a semi-opaque enamel, to create a stained glass window effect.

I plan to develop my enamelling and metalworking skills further, and start my own business with atmosphere-inspired jewellery collections.