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Sarah Jones (MA)
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Sarah Jones (MA)MA Fine Art

Two old oak chairs with no seats but holes hand drilled into the wood waiting to receive dried rushes. For decades, I’ve carried them from dwelling to dwelling not knowing when or if they’d ever have purpose again. Chairs, thrones, seats, stools – placed in places for various reasons. And so, one day these two old chairs came to life in my mind’s eye – they were lovers.

Once dismantled and entwined in the act of conception so much energy was pouring through them creating blood red threads that they needed anchoring to the ground. Now they were tethered to the earth they could also fly through the air and be part of a bigger picture. A collaged backdrop from shards of torn old paintings was also reforming just as the chairs were, and so in uniting them a new painting was born and lovingly named ‘Conception’.