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Sandra Brooks (L6)BA (Hons) Fine Art


My inspiration stems from memories and experiences growing up in a rural community. I work in wire and papier mache using found items foraged from woodland and hilltops to create art that embodies the feel of the landscape, its culture, history and folklore. This I combine with memories from childhood.

I start with an idea, it may be from the items I gather: a piece of wood, metal, rope, wire, interesting roots or twigs, influenced by a story or memory that comes to mind.  I work in both 3D and paint, avoiding tools as much as possible to feel close and connected with the work and with the landscape.

I feel a kinship with local rural artists and on completion of my degree I would like to form my own school of rural artists with a view to opening a gallery to present the best of rural art.

My sculpture entitled ‘Evermore’ is 162.5×86.3x127cms constructed of wire, paper, glass, metals, plastic and organics.

‘Roots” is organics and mixed media on MDF 53×30.4×20.3cms.

My paintings (untitled) are both 121.9×60.9×2.4cm in mixed media, found items and organics.

I also include an isolation piece entitled ‘Lament’, which is created from wire, metal, plaster, paper, wood and emulsion, measuring 190x75x75cms.