Rowanne Davies (L6)
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Rowanne Davies (L6)BA (Hons) Illustration

“The best way to make a show that’s going to resonate, is to make a show that you’d love”. Alex Hirsch –

I’m inspired by the way Illustration communicates so much information that’s hard to express through prose. I use pens and pencils to create images, followed by digital tools, fine tuning and creating a polished professional finish. I want to create challenges and encourage conversations.

I have shared a range of images on the theme of ‘Emotion Monsters’, where I allowed myself to delve deep into my own emotions. Jaleen Grove said, “Illustration is often said to have begun with hunters depicting their game on cave walls”. For me this was going back to that cave (of my mind) to experience the developments I have made. I then attempted to create a series of visualisations of the ‘emotion monsters’ that live within me.

My ambition is to become a comic book Illustrator.