Penelope Clayton (L6)
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Penelope Clayton (L6)BA (Hons) Illustration

Inspired by love, happiness, the natural world and the simple things in life, I like to produce work aimed at an adult audience with whom I would like to communicate positivity and well-being and raise awareness of being environmentally friendly.

Although I sometimes create work using different media and printing techniques, the materials I prefer to use are traditional dip pen, ink and water colour, working firstly by hand then with digital software to refine, adapt and render depending on the piece of work.

As an illustrator my starting point for any piece of work depends on the target audience and the subject of communication. The process entails research, idea generation and selection before working up a final piece. I have a passion for hand lettering and making hand made books which can be sometimes found within my work. Part of my practice involves setting personal projects in order to keep developing my skills and build up a repertoire of drawings to work from.

My aspiration is to become a freelance illustrator with a plan to illustrate for editorial well-being and mindfulness magazines.