Oliver Childs (L5)
Oliver Childs (L5) 1
Oliver Childs (L5) 2

Oliver Childs (L5)BA (Hons) Fine Art

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40cm x40cm
Oil paint on Canvas board

Living in an era where the world would almost not be able to exist without the increase in communication created through the internet and social networks, my work is focused on exploring the impacts that this has upon our society.

Social media has become an important way in which people present themselves to others, my work will be focusing on the ways that people react to the different types of people on social media, with some challenging the norm and others
embracing it for popularity.

I am using a range of medias in my work including; digital, collage and oil paint in order to distort and manipulate the shape and colour of images posted by people who are popular on social media. This is to challenge the idea that someone has to
look “perfect” on social media in order to gain interest from others, by making them “imperfect”.

Through my work, I aim to make people question if constantly having the lifestyles of online influencers’ shown to them,
impacts how they feel about themselves.