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Nick Thomas, Acting Course Leader BA (Hons) Textile DesignBA (Hons) Textile Design

It brings me great joy to present work from all levels of our BA (Hons) Textile Design students, as part of the college-wide showcase.

Some have travelled back to faraway places; others have been balancing their studies with home schooling; all of them have been adjusting to working online.

And whether they set-up their studios in conservatories, spare rooms or a small desk at the end of their bed, we have been so impressed by the resilience and creativity they have shown.

They have proven to be a very resourceful group.  Right from the word go they grabbed as many materials as they could, and borrowed as much kit as our tech-team could throw at them (not literally of course!).

And the results are outstanding.

From hand-stitched protest banners to yarns painted with expanding foam; hyper-real digital fruits to metre long paper collages.  There are naturally dyed, hand spun yarns and painstakingly constructed knits and weaves.

There is personal narrative and political commentary as well as contemporary, commercial solutions rooted in sustainable design thinking.

Thank you to our students for keeping your minds open, your creativity centred and most of all, looking out for each other, even when at a distance.

We are so proud.

And a special mention for our final year students: Martha, Elle, Harriet, Felicity, Christie, Nicole, Ruth, Abbey, Mollie and Jess.

We cannot wait to see you again soon, at the physical degree show, where we can all raise a glass to your success!