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Milo Campbell (L6)BA (Hons) Graphic and Media Design

As a young graphic designer, I feel new to the world of graphics and the
endless doorways that form different underpinnings and genres within
one of the fastest evolving mediums in the world right now. I began to
discover certain graphic styles that caught my attention in the form of
works by the likes of Ben Arfur, David Rudnick, Tom Arena as well as
others which drew me to gravitate toward the alternative, somewhat
underground stylistic niche.
Event posters, album covers and semi-abstract creative works, as well as
CD cover designs and merchandise like clothing and accessories are the
mainstay of these creator’s works, as well as my own. I developed the
identity ‘F4’ sometime during the second year of my course, and have
since continued to shape and advance my graphic language and
experimental, often bold style. I feel since the first design to the most
recent, I have learnt so much and only continue to learn more. I like to lace
some of my designs with coded meanings and references, sometimes in
different, or old languages, often making nods to cultural content or