Michelle Slark (L5)
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Michelle Slark (L5)BA (Hons) Fine Art

Since lockdown, I’ve had time to quietly observe the arrival of Spring in my small garden. Excited by the first sightings of dandelions in full bloom, the arrival of bees and birds busily nesting, I have been inspired to respond to the repetitive cycles and rhythms of the natural world. Yet the future of bees is fragile and their importance I believe is overlooked.

Reusing, and reforming pages of Georgian poetry relating to Spring, (a past era without pesticides) wildlife guides, dandelion seeds and dried flowers, and inspired by the installations of artist Tara Donovan, I’ve drawn a paper sculpture to raise awareness for the delicate, strong, intricate, yet repetitive structures bees form in the wild.

We depend on wild flowers and bees for the future of our planet. Not just for honey, but more importantly, to pollinate food sources, and for being an integral and vital part of our shared ecosystem.