Melanie Gale (L5)
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Melanie Gale (L5)BA (Hons) Illustration

I am inspired by diverse subjects from the natural world, urban sketching, fantasy and psychedelic art, gritty comic noir and Brutalist architecture.

I enjoy communicating with anyone who can engage with my work, particularly if it affects their thoughts, feelings and memories. Hopefully it inspires them to create their own.

I started making art again in 2009 when living in Bristol. I took evening classes in drawing, painting and printmaking. I then joined the HCA Portfolio Course in 2017 and subsequently to the BA (Hons) Illustration the following year.

My work usually starts with ideas that I have been germinating for years. Other work is inspired by my interests in Hauntology and Psychogeography, – memories, nostalgia, freedom to roam – or the tantalising prospect of what is to come.

I like to sketch on low quality paper, then re-drawing with a higher quality medium, before adding paint, collage etc. And then  scanning ready for digital enhancement.

My career aspirations are to take on editorial work to supplement my other income. I intend to seek a voluntary internship with Hereford Cathedral/and or other local archive services to develop illustrative projects concerning historical, environmental, archaeological and community themes before developing my own self-directed projects.